10.9 – when když means ‘if’

10.9 – when když means ‘if’

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10.9 – when když means ‘if’
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10.9 – when když means ‘if’

We have already learned how to use the word když ‘when’ (i.e. kdy ‘when’ is used for questions, když ‘when’ is used for statements). Now we will learn about using the word když with future tense verbs.

To review:

Obvykle poslouchám hudbu, když dělám domácí úkoly.

I usually listen to music when I do homework.

když means ‘if’¨:

když future

An interesting thing happens when když is used with the future tense. Instead of meaning ‘when’, it means ‘if’ and is used to form conditional statements, e.g. –

Když budu mít čas, budu se dívat na televizi.

If I have (lit. I will have) time, I will watch tv.

Když bude pršet, nemůžeme si hrát venku.

If it rains (lit. will rain), we can’t play outside.

Cool, right? Here it is pretty much synonymous with jestli ‘if’, however in the future, Czechs tend to use the word když instead.

když chtít ‘to want’

Když chceš jít do kina, můžeme tam jít spolu.

If you want to go to the movies, we can go there together.