10.8 – Vítáme vás! – Welcome!

10.10 – Vítáme vás!

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10.10 – Vítáme vás!
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10.10 – Vítáme vás! – Welcome!

The verb vítat means ‘to welcome’. If you want to welcome someone you can say:

vítám tě (informal)

I welcome you

vítám vás (formal/plural)

I welcome you/you all.

Now, look back at the pictures above. What do you notice? Who is doing the welcoming? Here it’s vítáme. This is when more than one person is welcoming.

You’ll also encounter imperative (commands):

vítej (informal)


vítejte (formal/plural)


One final thing:

In English we say Welcome to Prague!, but take note of how it is said in the picture above. In Czech they say Welcome in Prague!

        Vítáme vás v Brně.

        We welcome you to (in) Brno.

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