6.2 – Times of the Day

6.2 – Times of the Day

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6.2 – Times of the Day
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6.2 – Times of the Day

In this lesson we are going to begin talking about things we do at various times of the day:


ráno – morning

dopoledne – mid-morning (lit. translates as til-noon)

poledne – noon (lit. half the day)

odpoledne – afternoon (lit. translates as from-noon)

večer – evening

noc – night

Now we need to be able to say in morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, etc. Fortunately, there’s not much extra we have to do to say these things, as for most of these we can just say the word itself.

‘in the morning’


Ráno Sára obvykle běhá.

‘in the mid-morning’


Dopoledne jsem obvykle v práci.

‘at noon’

v poledne

Obvykle obědváme v poledne.

‘in the afternoon’


Odpoledne obvykle chodím do supermarketu.

‘in the evening’


Večer často chodím na pivo.

‘at night’

v noci

V noci obvykle spím.

One final useful expression you should learn is během dne – ‘during the day’:

‘during the day’

během dne

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