2.8 – the verb chtít ‘to want’

2.8 – the verb chtít 'to want'

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2.8 – the verb chtít 'to want'
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2.8 – the verb chtít 'to want'

We also need to learn the verb chtít – to want. This is another important verb to learn since you’ll want to talk about what you want.

Of course, it’s a bit irregular…


Here it is. As you can see, for the most part it looks like an -e- verb, though with some obvious exceptions ( and oni forms):

chtít                        to want


chci ‘I want’


 chceme ‘we want’


chceš ‘you want’


chcete ‘you want’


chce ‘he/she wants’


chtějí ‘they want’

Now just like with some of the verb mít ‘to have’, it will be followed by the accusative. here are some examples with typical Czech foods/drinks.

Lenka chce guláš.

Lenka wants goulash.

Já chci pivo.

I want beer.

chtít  infinitive


You can also follow the verb chtít with an infinitive. Remember that the infinitive in Czech is the to ________ form, e.g. –

tančit – to dance

cestovat – to travel

plavat – to swim

zpívat – to sing

So you can say:

Martina chce zpívat.

Martina wants to sing.

Chceme běhat.

We want to run.

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