8.9 – Tests are Over!

8.9 – Tests are Over!

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8.9 – Tests are Over!
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8.9 – Tests are Over!

Ok, so you’ve taken all your tests and you’re done with everything. How do you say that?

Už mám po zkouškách.

I’m done (already) with exams.

Now the translation above makes sense, but the expression literally translated ‘I already have after tests’ sounds a little strange (and in English ungrammatical). For this reason it’s good to learn it as a phrase. You can plug other things in instead of tests. Just remember that po ‘after’ is followed by the locative case. Here are a few examples:

Magdalena už má po práci.

Magdalena is all done with work.

Děti už mají po prázdninách.

The children are all done with school vacation.

Bohužel už máme po dovolené.

Unfortunately we’re all done with vacation.

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