9.4 – Stating Date + Year

9.4 – Stating the Year

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9.4 – Stating the Year
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9.4 – Stating the Year

Let’s start with the word for year – rok. We’re going to want to say ‘in the year…’

To do this, we say v roce

At this point ,we need to remember our numbers, so if you haven’t done so already, review your numbers.

Now, that list only got us to a 1000, but we need to say things like 1998 or 2014. Not a problem… They actually state the date pretty similarly to English, so it is literally nineteen (hundred) ninety eight or two thousand fourteen. Let’s start with years before the 2000s. Here we’ll need the form set, which is the form of sto that occurs once you get to 500 and above (hint, it’s actually the genitive plural of sto and is just following the number rule that 5 is followed by the genitive plural. The e in set is just a fill vowel). So let’s see some examples in action:

V roce osmnáct set padesát

In the year 1850

V roce devatenáct set osmdesát jedna

In the year 1981

V roce devatenáct set devadesát devět

In the year 1999

If it’s a year in the 2000s, then it goes as follows:

V roce dva tisíce

In the year 2000

V roce dva tisíce osmnáct

In the year 2018

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