4.10 – slušet – ‘to suit (someone)’

4.10 – slušet – 'to suit someone'

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4.10 – slušet – 'to suit someone'
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4.10 – slušet – 'to suit (someone)'

You find a piece of clothing that really looks good on someone (or yourself!). You want to express this. One way to express this in Czech is to use the verb slušet – 'to suit (someone)'.

The verb slušet ‘to suit (someone)’ is what you’ll need to use for this. Like the verb líbit se, the verb slušet will be used with the dative case (to make sense of it, you have to think of it being something like it is suiting to you, or something like that).

Take a look at some of these sentences:

Haně sluší ten kabát.

That coat suits Hana (i.e. looks good on Hana).

Ty sluneční brýle ti moc sluší.

Those sunglasses suit you (i.e. look good on you).

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