2.3 – Saying how often you do things

2.3 – Saying how often you do things

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2.3 – Saying how often you do things
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2.3 – Saying how often you do things

Saying X times a day/week/month, etc.

Use the words:

jednou                once

dvakrát                two times

třikrát                        three times

__krát                        __ many times (insert a number, i.e. pětkrát, desetkrát, etc.)

několikrát                a couple/few times

Along with these words:

denně                        daily

týdně                        weekly

měsíčně                monthly

ročně                        yearly


Běhám dvakrát týdně.

I run twice a week (twice weekly).

Dívám se na nový film čtyřikrát měsíčně.

I watch a new film four times a month (four times monthly).

There’s an alternative way to do this using the word za  the words for day, week month, year. jednou za den, dvakrát za týden, etc.

Marie uklízí dvakrát za týden.

Marie cleans twice a week.

Lyžuju třikrát nebo čtyřikrát za rok.

I ski three or four times a year.

These are synonymous, but since Czechs frequently use both constructions, they are being presented here. Use whichever you feel more comfortable with but learn to recognize both.

time adverb

per constructions



za den

per day



za týden

per week



za měsíc

per month



za rok

per year