4.1 – Počasí – Talking about the Weather

4.1 – Počasí – Talking about the Weather

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4.1 – Počasí – Talking about the Weather
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4.1 – Počasí – Talking about the Weather

First, we’re going to be talking about what the weather is like today, so we need the word for today:

dnes or dneska (colloquial)

If you want to ask about the weather (počasí), ask the question:

Jaké je dnes počasí?

What kind of weather is there today?

or colloquially:

Jaké je dneska počasí?

Finally, you might use the word venku – outside

You can respond using a number of weather adverbs (don’t worry too much about why they are considered adverbs; just know that these are the forms you need to use).

Weather Adverbs

dusno                                        muggy (before rain)

chladno                                cold, cool

hezky                                        pretty

horko                                        hot

hnusno                                disgusting

jasno                                        clear

mlhavo                                foggy

oblačno                                cloudy

pěkně                                        pretty

polojasno                                partly cloudy

příjemně                                pleasant

slunečno                                sunny

sucho                                        dry

teplo                                        warm

vedro                                        really hot, scorching hot

vlhko                                        humid

zataženo                                overcast

zamračeno                                cloudy

zima                                        cold (technically a noun)


Venku je velmi chladno.

It’s very cold outside.

Venku je horko.

It’s  hot outside.

Je dusno a zamračeno.

It’s muggy and cloudy.

The word zima – ‘cold’ is actually a noun (you’re actually saying something like ‘there is coldness’. You’ll literally say:

Je velká zima.

‘It is great cold’ i.e. ‘It’s very cold’.

Another noun that might come in handy is bouřka ‘storm’. You can say:

Venku je bouřka.

There’s a storm outside.

Weather Verbs

blýskat se

to flash

blýská se

there’s lightning (lit. it’s flashing)

foukat (-á-)

to blow

fouká vítr

the wind is blowing

mrznout (mrzn-; -e-)

to freeze


it’s freezing

padat (-á-)

to fall

padá sníh

snow is falling


to drizzle


it’s drizzling

pršet (-í-)

to rain


it’s raining

sněžit (-í-)

to snow


it’s snowing

svítit (-í-)

to shine

svítí slunce

the sun is shining

You can use some of the above verbs to talk about the weather as well. These will be used in the 3rd person naturally (i.e. – you won’t say ‘I’m raining’, ‘you’re snowing’, etc.)

Dnes prší.

It’s raining today.

Tady často sněží.

It snows often here.

Fouká silný vítr.

A strong wind is blowing.

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