3.6 – Phrases k snídani, obedu, večeři…

3.6 – Phrases k snídani, obědu, večeři…

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3.6 – Phrases k snídani, obědu, večeři…
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3.6 – Phrases k snídani, obědu, večeři

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In this lesson we will learn a few phrases that are useful in talking about your meal preferences, what you want to eat for a particular meal, or what you want at a restaurant.

All of these phrases start with k, which at least in these phrases means something like ‘for’ or even ‘along with’ (see discussion at bottom). Here are some of the most basic:

Something to eat, something to drink?

k jídlu – to eat (lit. for food)

k pití –  to drink (lit. for drink)

These are often used with the verb dát si ‘to have (order)’ or chtít ‘to want’. They are often found with the word něco ‘something’.

Co si dáte k pití?

What will you have to drink?

Chcete něco k jídlu?

Will you have something to eat?

K jídlu si dám guláš a houskové knedlíky.

For (my) food I’ll have goulash and bread dumplings.

At a restaurant you might hear the server ask you:

Dáte si něco k pití?

Will you have something to drink?

Or an even shorter version:

a něco k pití?

and (how about) something to drink?

Meals of the Day

k snídani – for breakfast

k obědu – for lunch

k večeři – for dinner

We’ll be seeing these as we talk about what we eat for various meals of the day.

Co obvykle jíte k snídani?

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Co obvykle jíte k večeři?

What do you usually eat for dinner?

Something to go along with that?

k tomu (tomu is a form of the word to ‘that’)

Dám si guláš a k tomu si dám houskové knedlíky.

I’ll have goulash and along with that bread dumplings.

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