5.5 – Nemoci – Illnesses

5.5 – Nemoci – Illnesses

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5.5 – Nemoci – Illnesses
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5.5 – Nemoci – Illnesses

In this lesson we’re going to learn a few phrases with mít ‘to have’ that you can use to talk about your health:

mít phrases

mít kašel – to have a cough

mít horečku – to have a fever

mít teplotu – to have a temperature

mít rýmu – to have a cold

mít chřipku – to have the flu

mít ucpaný nos – to be congested (lit. to have a stuffed up nose)

mít alergii – to have an allergy

Zdeněk má horečku.

Eva má chřipku.

A separate way to say that you have a cold is with the adjective nachlazený, which is related to chladno, as in venku je chladno.

Tenhle pejsek je nachlazený / má rýmu.

Jana je nachlazená / má rýmu.

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