4.3 – moct – ‘can, to be able’

4.3 – moct 'can, to be able'

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4.3 – moct 'can, to be able'
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4.3 – moct – ‘can, to be able’

In this lesson we will be learning the verb moct ‘can, to be able’. It is conjugated like an -e- type verb:


můžu (mohu)










můžou (mohou)

The forms in parentheses above are used only in more formal writing. You should learn to recognize them, but need not learn them actively.

You will follow forms of moct with the infinitive of a verb.


Co můžeme dělat zítra?

What can we do tomorrow?

Nemůžu spát, protože je moc horko.

I can’t sleep because it’s really hot.

Kde můžu koupit dobré suvenýry?

Where can I buy good souvenirs?