2.7 – Masculine words ending in -a

2.7 – Masculine words ending in -a

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2.7 – Masculine words ending in -a
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2.7 – Masculine words ending in -a

We’ve now run into a few words like this. There are male names such as Honza, Jirka or Pepa, or colloquial/casual forms of family terms such as brácha ‘brother, bro’ or děda ‘grandpa’.

These words are masculine gender, but they will take the same endings as feminine nouns (as you might expect from their ending). Additionally, anything that modifies them, such as a number or adjective, will go in a masculine form (because the nouns, despite the way they end, are still masculine).

Mám jednoho strejdu.

I have one uncle.

Mám staršího bráchu.

I have an older brother.

A little confusing? Probably, but it’s something you’ll get used to. Ultimately, you probably won’t use a lot of these forms for a while, so it won’t be a huge deal.

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