3.10 – kupovat – ‘to buy’

3.10 – kupovat – 'to buy'

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3.10 – kupovat – 'to buy'
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3.10 – kupovat – 'to buy'

Here’s another verb that will come in handy when you are shopping for food (or other things!)…We already learned the verb nakupovat ‘to shop’. It probably goes without saying that this word is related in Czech.

kupovat                to buy


kupuju ‘I buy / am buying’


kupujeme ‘we buy / are buying’


kupuješ ‘you buy / are buying’


kupujete ‘you all buy / are buying’

‘you (formal) buy / are buying’


kupuje ‘he/she/it buys / is buying’


kupujou ‘they buy / are buying’

As you can see, it’s just a regular -e- verb ending in -ovat.

Nikdy nekupuju mléko.

I never buy milk.

Často kupujeme koláče.

We often buy kolaches.

The verb kupovat is also another verb that you can use with our new preposition pro.

Kupuju čokoládu pro Báru.

I am buying chocolate for Bára.

Kupuješ pro Tomáše dárek?

Are you buying a gift for Tomáš?

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