10.4 – Kupování jízdenek – vlak a autobus

10.4 – Kupování jízdenek – vlak a autobus

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10.4 – Kupování jízdenek – vlak a autobus
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10.4 – Kupování jízdenek – vlak a autobus

pokladny na nádraží

jízdenky na autobus se často kupují přímo u řidiče

Let’s say you want to buy tickets for a bus or a train. It’s actually pretty easy. There are lots of ways to buy tickets these days, whether you go to the counter at a station or buy them in some instances directly on the train or bus, or online prior to your trip.

If you are buying them in person, use the following formula:

Prosím, jednu jízdenku do _________________.

Here you fill in the blank with the place you are going to. Easy, right? In some instances, it may be advisable to purchase a místenka ‘place reservation’ for a train as well. A ticket for a train only gives you the right to travel on the train (and if it’s crowded, it can mean standing room). You can ask for a jízdenka s místenkou in these cases.

If you wish to purchase online, try the following:




Jízdenka na vlak (nahoře) a autobus (dole)

Automat na jízdenky – České dráhy

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