6.7 – jezdit vs. jet (past tense)

6.7 – jezdit vs. jet (past tense)

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6.7 – jezdit vs. jet (past tense)
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6.7 – jezdit vs. jet (past tense)

In this lesson we are going to review the use of jet vs. jezdit and expand our understanding to the past tense.






to go (by vehicle)

indeterminate (jezdit) – these verbs are called indeterminate verbs because they either have many instances of a goal or lack a goal altogether

determinate (jet) – these verbs are called determinate verbs because they have a single one-time goal.

  • habitual acts of going – use the verb chodit when you are describing frequent or habitual trips.

A                                B

Minulý rok jsem jezdil do Brna dvakrát měsíčně.

‘I used to go to Brno  twice a month .’

  • single trip – use the verb jít when you describing a single trip from point A to point B.

A                             B

Minulý týden jsme jeli do Ostravy.

Last week we went to Ostrava.

We will talk more about the 2nd meaning at a later time, for now you don’t have to worry about it.

  • goal-less motion

Když jsem řídil pro Uber, jezdil jsem celý den po Praze.

‘When I drove for Uber, I used to drive around Prague all day.’

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