5.7 – have a drink (of something) – napít se

5.7 – have a drink (of something) – napít se

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5.7 – have a drink (of something) – napít se
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5.7 – have a drink (of something) – napít se

We know the verb pít ‘to drink’, now we’re going to learn a new verb that is based off of pít – napít se ‘to have a drink (of something)’. It generally means to take a drink a drink until you are sated (so not just a sip, more like drink till you are satisfied). It’s conjugated just like pít:

napít se                        ‘to have a drink (of something)’


napiju se ‘I take a drink’


 napijeme se we take a drink’


napiješ se ‘you take a drink’


napijete se ‘you take a drink’


napije se ‘he/she take a drinks’


napijou se ‘they take a drink’

This is a general pattern in Czech of making new verbs by adding a prefix. We’ll be seeing more of prefixes and verbs like this in later units.

Now, one more thing about using this verb. The thing you drink is going to be in the genitive case. Here English helps, because we take a drink of something. Just one noun is all we’re going to need for now – voda. The genitive of voda is vody.


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