4.7 – Describing Clothes – Patterns

4.7 – Describing Clothes – Patterns

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4.7 – Describing Clothes – Patterns
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4.7 – Describing Clothes – Patterns

We’ve already gotten some practice with describing the color of clothes, now let’s talk about patterns.

kostkovaný – checkered/plaid

pruhovaný/proužkovaný – striped

puntíkovaný – polka-dotted

květinový vzor – flower pattern

In fact, if you want to be really specific (right!?!?), then you can specify the colors using our combined adjectives:

červeno-černá kostkovaná košile – checkered/plaid

zelené pruhované tričko – green striped shirt

růžová puntíkovaná sukně s kapsami – pink and white polka-dotted with pockets

Květovaná halenka / Halenka s květinovým vzorem.

A blouse with a floral pattern.

Note – being able to describe clothes in this much detail in terms of patterns is totally not necessary, as a beginning student, but is good practice and you can use this as a reference as you become more advanced with the language.

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