1.10 – Demonstratives – Plural Forms

1.10 – Demonstratives in Nominative Plural

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1.10 – Demonstratives in Nominative Plural
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1.10 – Demonstratives – Plural Forms

We will also need to learn plural forms of the demonstrative pronouns, i.e. equivalent to English those.

First we will learn the plural of the plain demonstrative forms ten, ta, to. The plural forms of these pronouns are given in the chart below:

Demonstrative Pronouns – Nominative Plural









ti kluci jsou studenti

those guys are students

ty holky jsou studentky taky

those girls are students as well

ta okna jsou špinavá

those windows are dirty

Remember that these demonstrative pronouns are used to demonstrate a particular object/person, e.g. Those flowers are pretty. In this instance, people are just talking about a bunch of flowers. One of the speakers refers to a set of flowers as those flowers to distinguish it from all the other chairs they might have been talking about.

Unchanging to je…./to jsou…

Remember that whenever you are identifying objects, you just use to je…./to jsou… with unchanging to. In these instances you are not directly modifying the noun, i.e. you’re not saying those cats are fat – ty kočky jsou tlusté, but rather just identifying them, i.e. those are fat cats – to jsou tlusté kočky. To read up on this more, see 1.8 – Grammar Explanation – Unchanging to, part 2