1.1 – Czech Greetings

1.1 – Czech Greetings

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1.1 – Czech Greetings
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1.1 – Czech Greetings

This lesson includes some of the most common ways of greeting and saying goodbye to people. These are divided into two groups: formal and informal

Formal Greetings – these are used in with instructors, people in stores or offices, police officers, waiters, strangers, etc. or any other situation in which you are speaking with another adult that you are not personally acquainted with on close terms.”“

Dobrý den – Hello

Na shledanou – Goodbye

Nashle – Bye

Informal Greetings – informal greetings are used primarily with friends, other students, and children.

Ahoj, Nazdar, Čau – Hi

Ahoj, Nazdar, Čau – Bye

Introduction Phrases

Já jsem… – I am…

To je… – This is…

Těší mě – Pleased to meet you.

Mě taky – Pleased to meet you too.

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