3.12 – Czech Counting Rule

3.12 – Czech Counting Rule

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3.12 – Czech Counting Rule
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3.12 – Czech Counting Rule

When you are counting objects, the rule for which form you need is as follows:

1 (jeden, jedna, jedno)

With the number 1, you will use the singular of a noun. Make sure it agrees with the gender and case of the noun!

Dám si jednu kávu.

‘I’ll have one coffee.’

Tady je jenom jedno okno.

‘There is only one window here.’

Znám tady jednoho profesora.

‘I know one professor here.’


When you have 2, 3, or 4 of something, follow it by the normal plural forms of the noun.

Tady jsou dva studenti.

There are two students here.’

Mám dva dobré kamarády.

I have two good friends.’


The numbers 5 and above are followed by the genitive plural in Czech.

Mám pět dobrých knih.

I have five good books.’

Tady je deset nových studentů.

There are  ten new students here.’

*NOTE* – As a final note, you may have noticed that the sentence above used the 3rd person singular form je. Typically when numbers 5 are the subject of the sentence, they will be used with a 3rd personal singular verb. We already saw this in the phrase Kolik je hodin? ‘What time is it?’ Je šest hodin ‘It’s 6:00’. This rule applies not only to numbers 5 , but also any of the quantity expressions:

málo                        few, little

hodně                        a lot, much, many

mnoho (bookish)                a lot, much, many

moc                        a lot, much, many; too much

spousta                        a bunch, a lot

víc, více (bookish)        more

míň, méně (bookish)        less

kolik                        how much, how many

několik                        a few, several

tolik                                so much, so many

dost                        enough

trochu                        a little

Quantity Word

Form of Noun

Form of Verb



jedna hodina

jeden profesor


Je jedna hodina.

Je tady jeden profesor.



dva profesoři

dvě knihy


Jsou tady dva profesoři.

Na stole jsou tři knihy.


quantity words like hodně, mnoho, moc, kolik, několik, etc.

genitive plural

pět studentů

šest hodin

několik knih

*singular verb*

Je tady pět studentů.

Je šest hodin.

Na stole je několik knih.