3.8 – České peníze – Czech Money

3.8 – České peníze – Czech Money

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3.8 – České peníze – Czech Money
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3.8 – České peníze – Czech Money

If you’re going to buy food, or anything else for that matter, then you’re going to need to know a little about Czech money.

As of 24.10.2017 the exchange rate is 1 dollar = 21.78 crowns (koruna – crown)


Czech coins (mince) are divided up into the following denominations:

jedna koruna

dvě koruny

pět korun

deset korun

dvacet korun

padesát korun

drobné (colloquial drobný) – This is how you say change, as in máte drobné? – Do you have any change?


Bankovky is the word for paper money (it translates to something like banknote). Here are the bankovky currently in circulation:

The abbreviation for koruna is Kč and stands for koruna česká. If you notice the descriptions of the coins and the words on the bank notes themselves, you’ll see that the word for crown changes depending on the number with it. It follows the Czech rule on counting, which is as follows:




2, 3, 4

regular plural form



genitive plural


Now, we haven’t learned the genitive plural yet (and we really don’t even know what it is for that matter). But we can at least learn the form in the context of money. The third column above gives the correct forms you will need after each.

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