8.5 – Beginning and Ending

8.5 – Beginning and Ending

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8.5 – Beginning and Ending
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8.5 – Beginning and Ending

Just like most verbs we’re learning now, we’ll need to learn an imperfective and a perfective for these.






‘to begin’



‘to end’

Let’s start with some present forms. For these we’ll be using the imperfective verbs. The verb začínat is a regular -á- verb, while končit ‘to end’  is a regular -í- verb.

Film začíná v osm hodin.

The movie starts at 8 o’clock.

Přednáška začíná ve čtyři hodiny.

The lecture is beginning at 4 o’clock.

Hodina češtiny začíná v deset hodin a končí v jedenáct hodin.

Czech class begins at 10 and ends at 11.

As a final note, you’ll often see the dative case used to indicate who something begins or ends for (one literally says class to/for me starts at 10).

Škola mi začíná v osm.

School starts for me at 8.

Hodina matematiky nám začíná v 11.

Math class begins for us at 11.

We’ll practice the past tense forms (i.e. talking about when something began, when something ended) in another lesson.

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