5.5 – Alergie

5.5 – Alergie

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5.5 – Alergie
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5.5 – Alergie

Allergies are a frequent ailment among people so we are going to learn how to talk about them. He are some of the most common allergies:

alergie na prach – dust allergy (lit. allergy to dust)

alergie na pyl – pollen allergy (lit. allergy to pollen)

alergie na plíseň – mold allergy (lit. allergy to mold)

You can also use the adjective alergický ‘allergic’. See the examples below:

Hana má alergii na pyl / je alergická na pyl.

Někteří lidé mají alergii na prach / jsou alergičtí na prach.

Lidé často mají alergii na plíseň / jsou alergičtí na plíseň.

In all of these instances, it is important to note that the preposition na is being followed by the ACCUSATIVE case.

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