7.6 – Activities that Lack a Natural Completion

7.6 – Activities that Lack a Natural Completion

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7.6 – Activities that Lack a Natural Completion
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7.6 – Activities that Lack a Natural Completion

Not every activity leads toward a natural completion. This lesson will deal with goal-less activities.

Goal-less Activities

Describe activities that lack an inherent completion / goal state:

  • shouting
  • running
  • skiing
  • thinking

These activities lack an inherent goal state. As opposed to writing an e-mail, building a house, or doing the laundry, there is no natural goal that these lead to (such as a written e-mail, built house, clean laundry). In other words there is no completed act to speak of.

If they do have a perfective partner, then it typically means to do some limited amount of the activity, e.g. proběhnout se / zaběhat si – ‘to have a run, go for a run’, however, learning to use these only important once you’ve advanced a bit in Czech.



Related Perfective


běhat (-á-)

to run[1]

proběhnout se / zaběhat si

to go for a run

cvičit (-í-)

to exercise

zacvičit si

to exercise a bit

jezdit na kole

to ride a bike

projet se / zajezdit si

to go for a ride


to play


to play some

lyžovat (-e-)

to ski

zalyžovat si

to ski a bit

myslet (-í-)  (na ACC)

to think (about)

pomyslet (si)

to think about, consider something

plavat (-e-)

to swim

zaplavat si

to have swim

pracovat (-e-)

to work


to sleep

vyspat se

to sleep enough

sportovat (-e-)

to play sports

zasportovat si

to play a bit of sports, engage in a bit of sports


to dance

zatančit si

to have a dance, dance a bit

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[1] note that there is also a related perfective uběhnout, as in uběhnout maraton ‘to run a marathon’.