7.2 – Activities During the Day

7.2 – Activities During the Day

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7.2 – Activities During the Day
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7.2 – Activities During the Day / Aktivity během dne

Here is a list of various things we do during the day. Study these, so you are able to talk about when you do these things together in class:

budit se – to wake up

vstávat – to get up

snídat – to have breakfast

obědvat – to have lunch

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večeřet – to have dinner

chodit / jít spát – to go to sleep

Note some of the following distinctions:

budit se vs. vstávat – budit se ‘to wake up’ describes actually waking up from sleep vs. vstávat ‘to get up’, which focuses on getting out of bed.

chodit spát vs. jít spát – remember that the difference between chodit and jít is going to be as follows: chodit spát will describe the regular activity of going to sleep, e.g. Obvykle chodím spát v jedenáct ‘I usually go to sleep at 11’. On the other hand, jít spát is used to talk about the activity that is taking place now, e.g. Teď jdu spát ‘I am going to sleep now’. see 6.3 – chodit vs. jít ‘to go by foot’ for more information

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