3.2 – Accusative Plural of Nouns

3.2 – Accusative Plural of Nouns

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3.2 – Accusative Plural of Nouns
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3.2 – Accusative Plural of Nouns

The following chart gives the accusative plural endings in Czech as well as a comparison with the nominative forms:

Nominative vs. Accusative Plural Forms






Hard stem



Nom. pl. pstruzi[1]

Acc. pl. pstruhy



Nom. pl. banány

Acc. pl. banány

(i.e. no change)



Nom. pl. hrušky

Acc. pl. hrušky



Nom. pl. piva

Acc. pl. piva

Soft stem



Nom. pl. sumci

Acc. pl. sumce



Nom. pl. pomeranče

Acc. pl. pomeranče

(i.e. no change)


cibule, láhve



Nom. pl. cibule, láhve, sladkosti

Acc. pl. cibule, láhve, sladkosti




Nom. pl. vejce, koření

Acc. pl. vejce, koření

The forms of the accusative plural in Czech are for the most part identical to those of the nominative plural. The one exception is with masculine animate nouns, where the nominative and accusative forms are different.

Masculine Animate (notice the difference between nom. and acc. forms)

Nominative – To jsou pstruzi.        ‘Those are trout.’

Accusative – Často jím pstruhy.        ‘I often eat trout.’


Nominative – To jsou sumci.        ‘Those are catfish.’

Accusative – Často jím sumce.        ‘I often eat catfish.’

Masculine Inanimate (nominative and accusative are the same)

Nominative – To jsou rohlíky.        ‘Those are rolls.’

Accusative – Obvykle jím rohlíky. ‘I usually eat rolls.’

Nominative – To jsou pomeranče.        ‘Those are oranges.’

Accusative – Obvykle jím pomeranče.        ‘I usually eat oranges.’

Feminine (nominative and accusative are the same)

Nominative – To jsou papriky.        ‘Those are peppers.’

Accusative – Často jím papriky.        ‘I often eat peppers.’

Nominative – To jsou cibule.        ‘Those are onions.’

Accusative – Často jím cibule.        ‘I often eat onions.’

Neuter (nominative and accusative are the same)

Nominative – To jsou jablka.        ‘Those are apples.’

Accusative – Často jím jablka.        ‘I often eat apples.’

Nominative – To jsou vejce.        ‘Those are eggs.’

Accusative – Často jím vejce.        ‘I often eat eggs.’

[1] remember that in the nominative plural there are consonant mutations ( k →c, h → z, ch → š, r → ř)