3.2 – Accusative Case

3.2 – Accusative Case

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3.2 – Accusative Case
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3.2 – Accusative Case

We already practiced the difference between subjects and direct objects when it came to family members (My sister lives in Prague vs. I have a sister). In Czech, there are forms called cases. We are going to continue to differentiate between subject and  a direct object. Remember, the names of these cases are nominative and accusative:


The subject of a sentence. We have been using the nominative (literally related to the word name) when we have identified things, e.g. to je auto, to je počítač, to je holkaand when they have been the subject of a verb, e.g.


The direct object of a sentence. I have a __________, I am eating a __________, I like __________, I want __________

Some more verbs we will see with the accusative:

jíst – to eat

chtěl bych / chtěla bych – I would like

pít (see 3.4 – the verb pít – to drink for conjugation)

mít – to have

kupovat – to buy

and many more