8.4 – About who? About what? – o + LOC

8.4 – About who? About what? – o LOC

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8.4 – About who? About what? – o LOC
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8.4 – About who? About what? – o  LOC

Let’s start by seeing the forms of kdo and co in the locative:









O kom mluvíte?

Who are you talking about? (lit. about who are you talking)

O čem mluvíš?

What are you talking about? (lit. about what are you talking)

We also might want to talk about people or things. For this, we’ll use the preposition o  LOC:

Masculine Animate

Masculine Inanimate





-e / or -u

-e /

-e / or -u


-ovi or -i




Let’s start with talking about people (o kom? – ‘about who?’):

Mluvím o Janovi.

I’m talking about Jan.

Mluvíme o Tomášovi.

We’re talking about Tomáš.

Mluvili o Sáře.

They were talking about Sára.

We can also talk about various things (o čem? – ‘about what?’):

Mluvíme o počasí.

We’re talking about the weather.

Karel mluví o sportu.

Karel is talking about sports.

Lucie mluví o literatuře.

Lucie is talking about literature.

Some other verbs you can use with o ‘about’:

přednášet – to lecture, give a lecture

Paní profesorka přednášela o druhé světové válce.

The professor (mrs. professor) was lecturing about the Second World War.

myslet si – to have an opinion about

Co si myslíš o českém prezidentovi?

What do you think about the Czech president?

Co si myslíte o novém filmu?

What do you think of the new movie?

vědět – to know

Karel neví nic o české historii.

Karel doesn’t know anything about Czech history

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