6.7 – A tak… A proto…

6.7 – A tak… A proto…

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6.7 – A tak… A proto…
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6.7 – A tak… A proto…

Ok, we’ve learned about weather and talking about what the weather was like yesterday, last week, etc. What if we want not only to talk about what the weather was like, but also what effect it had on our decisions. Take a look at the following:

Dneska večer pršelo, a tak jsme zůstali vevnitř.

O víkendu bylo hezky, a tak jsme šli na procházku.

Předevčírem v Brně sněžilo, a proto si děti hrály venku ve sněhu.

As you see here, two new phrases are being used to connect the two ideas:

a tak… – and so

a proto – and therefore (and that’s why)

In other words, using these connecting phrases, you can come up with all sorts of more complete thoughts like: it rained yesterday, so I didn’t go to the park, It was sunny on Tuesday, so we went swimming, It snowed over the weekend, and that’s why we didn’t go anywhere, etc. Also, note that like in English, one writes a comma before either of these types of phrases.

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